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10 Best Things to Buy In Varanasi:

Varanasi is one of the oldest city of the world and is most sacred place for the Hindus. Tourists from across the world visit the city every year in all the seasons. It is called 'City of Temples'  as you can find a temple in each and every corner of the city. Many local and international things are easily available in crowed markets of this holy city. Here is the list of top 10 best things to buy in Varanasi. These items are world famous of its quality & design. You can buy most of these local products on our website itself by exploring the tab "Shop Online". 

1. Banarasi Silk Saris

Silk saris of Varanasi are world famous.  It’s a dream for an Indian woman to have a Banarasi sari in their closet, even if they don’t wear. You can find the Banarasi saris at many shops across the city but Peelikothi and Thateri Bazar are the main famous areas where you get banarasi saris of good quality and at reasonable prices. 

2. Crystal and Stone Shivlinga
Varanasi is the land of lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga or Lingam is a symbol that represents Lord Shiva in Hinduism. It is typically the primary murti or cult image in Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva. Shivlingas are available in Varanasi in every size and in stone and crystal form.  Vishwanath gali area near the Vishwanath Temple is famous for buying Shivalingas.

3. Rudraksha Mala

The Rudraksha is the textured seed of Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha literally means the tear of Rudra and earlier form of Shiva. This is the most popular organic jewelry that our saints have worn from time immemorial. For Hindus, this is a very sacred seed and is worn with a lot of devotion. Though the tree really does not grow in and around Varanasi, this is the best place to pick up a Rudraksha mala. You get them in all sizes and varieties. The 108 bead mala or string with Panch Mukhi Rudraksha is the most commonly used Mala or string.

4. Gulabi Minakari

This is a hidden craft of Varanasi that not many people know of. Minakari work on precious metals like gold and silver, primarily silver happens in western India –Rajasthan & Gujarat. However, the Gulabi Minakari in pink color is done only in Varanasi. You have to go into the bylanes near Gai Ghat to find the craftsmen doing this work. You can buy small souvenirs of elephants and bird decorated with Gulabi Minakari and use them as home decorator which will always remind you of the time spent in Varanasi.

5. Glass Beads

Varanasi is world’s largest manufacturing unit of glass beads. These glass beads are available in all colors. One can buy these glass beads from the local markets. The glass beads made from hand are truly awesome and a perfect example of made in India. Beautiful artificial jewelry made of glass beads are also available in the markets.

6. Wooden Toys

Variety of wooden toys of different colors and sizes are easily available in the markets of Varanasi. These toys look very beautiful and attractive. You can also buy wooden decorative pieces, toys and gift items like carved elephants, birds and more such items. Khojwa area of the city is famous for these toys.

7. Flute

Some of the great musicians of India such as Ravi Shankar or Girija Devi have come from Varanasi. Music is another identity of Varanasi and you can hear sweet sounds of music in the street here. There are plenty of shops of musical instrument in Varanasi. You cannot carry instruments Like Veena and Tabla with you but you can buy flutes from anywhere in Varanasi.

8. Bangles & Other Accessories

The city of Varanasi is also famous for variety of accessories and different kinds of bangles. So, if you are a lover of accessories of any kind like earrings, bracelets, etc. and bangles then you can easily find these items in local market. Yow will get a wide range of bangles here in this city so you can purchase as many accessories and bangles for you form Varanasi. You can also buy necklaces of different styles from the markets of Varanasi.

9. Hand Knotted Carpets

Yet another item that denotes the fame of the art and culture of the city is the handwoven or knotted carpets. You will get a variety of such carpets in the local markets of the city of Varanasi. The city is known for its art and crafts as well so you will get to see a good range of hand-knotted beautiful carpets for your home at affordable prices from the local markets of the city of Varanasi. You will find a good number of variations so that you can choose as per your needs.

10. Sweets, Lassi and Bati Choka

Varanasi is famous of its sweets, lassi and many other street foods. Lalpeda, a very special sweet of north India, is made from reduced milk (Khoya).Lalpeda has a characteristic brown-red color developed due to caramelization of khoya along with sugar. Other sweets which is very famous is the laddu which are sold in the Sankatmochan Temple of the city.  Lassi shops at Malaviya Chauraha, Lanka are world famous for its very tasty lassis.  Aparts from sweets and lassi, many street foods like Bati Choka, Chat etc are also must to try whenever you visit Varanasi. 

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